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Dzung L. Pham attended college at George Washington University, where he earned a B.S. degree in electrical engineering. He then received an M.S.E. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. After his doctoral work, he accepted a research fellowship at the National Institute on Aging, where he was honored with the Fellow's Award for Research Excellence from the National Institutes of Health. He returned to Johns Hopkins as a Neuroradiology faculty member in 2002.

Dr. Pham is currently the director of the Laboratory of Medical Image Computing. His research interests include image processing and computer vision with application to biomedical imaging. He is particularly interested in the segmentation of medical images using stochastic and variational models. His expertise within the field of medical image processing has led to invitations to write book chapters for the Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, the Handbook of Medical Imaging from SPIE Press,and the Handbook of Medical Imaging from Academic Press.

Dzung L. Pham
Assistant Professor
Neuroradiology Division
Department of Radiology
Johns Hopkins University
JHOC 3230 / (410) 614-3249
email: pham@jhu.edu
website: http://medic.rad.jhmi.edu


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